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Throughout my experiences of leading and being responsible for my peers, young people, and children, one thing has remained invaluable: mentoring. Being mentored has transformed how I approach positions of leadership and ministry – and here’s why: There’s someone there to

At a back table of a small Costa, I, aged fifteen, sat opposite my church youth worker. With my hands wrapped around a cherry hot chocolate, I spoke to her about school, friends, and what I’d been puzzling out about

Mentoring is very rewarding and can lead to significant growth for the mentee. There are many different ways to mentor someone. Here are some general guidelines to help. For further help consider joining a cluster group [here] or contact us

Make sure you have your days off! It sounds selfish and you will sometimes need to discern what is volunteering and what is work but you are allowed to say No. You need to look after yourself. Be organised

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