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The Mentor Network is a digital hub for Christian mentoring and coaching. We are passionate about Christian mentoring, about overall consistency in the work that is offered from Christian mentors, and about the Christian community working together to provide a valuable and worthwhile service to those seeking a Christian mentor.

Alison Cansdale (previously Project Manager for Mentor Connect), has worked with other dedicated people to form The Mentor Network. The Mentor Network is supported by a highly qualified group forming the Mentor Network Working Group. The group is part of a charity and does not exist for profit.

This project has no dedicated funds of its own and needs funding to survive. Many people have given this project hours of their time, prayer, skills, deliberation and sustained effort.

Please consider supporting us, in prayer, financially or with your time.

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Please note, any financial transaction between a mentee and a mentor does not include any giving to The Mentor Network.